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Walkthrough updating the mfc scribble application

Change property values as follows: The current resource editors can view, but not modify bitmaps with bit pixels. On the Database Support pane Visual Studio and older , select None because the application doesn't use a database. Import the bitmap for an MFC application. The wizard created an Outlook bar with both a Folders pane and a Calendar pane. Click the Print button and then click Insert to add another button. The following modifications create a submenu under the Print button that you created in the previous step. Transparent bitmaps use bit pixels, where 24 bits specify the red, green, and blue components of the color, and 8 bits define an alpha channel that specifies the transparency of the color.

Walkthrough updating the mfc scribble application

In Resource View, double-click the scribble. Or use the resource editors to assemble bitmaps from the portable network graphics. Change property values as follows: Copy an appropriate resource file from another application to your project and then import bitmaps from that file. To the Edit panel, add a button responsible for clearing the contents of the document. Right-click and select Properties. The Scribble application should be displayed, and it should have a ribbon bar at the top of the window instead of a menu bar. Each tab on the ribbon bar is a category, and consists of a text label and an optional image. Now go to Part 2. On the Application Type pane, under Application type, clear the Tabbed documents option. The following modifications create the menu that appears when the user clicks the Application button. Click Add to add a fifth button. In the Properties window of the Bitmap Editor, adjust the width of the bitmap to 64 16x Immediately above that comment, add this code: InitInstance includes a call to AfxOleInit. Consequently, use an external image editor instead of the resource editors to manipulate transparent bitmaps. Change the Item type to Button. This category has one panel. With the Item type Button selected, click Add to add a button. You'll create a window that has two panes. Add the following code to the stdafx. Click Add to add a button. The ribbon buttons that you added should be associated with the existing event handlers, and the Open, Close, Save, Print, and Clear All buttons should work as expected. Because the original Scribble application uses the Office user interface UI style, the application may look old-fashioned. Although the menus are no longer visible, messages from the ribbon bar are routed through the menus and menu shortcuts continue to work.

Walkthrough updating the mfc scribble application

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  1. Change the Item type to Separator and then click Add. Save the changes and then build and run the application.

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