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Urantia church

Fire and water were also among the early fetishes, and fire worship, together with belief in holy water, still survives. The prophets presented the kingdom of God as: The transcendency of the spiritual over the material in human personality. Many tribes had fetish stones, but few have survived as have the Kaaba and the Stone of Scone. This doctrine of spirit possession is nothing more nor less than fetishism.

Urantia church

The fruits of extra labor or of diligence were looked upon as magical. Always we may have diversity of intellectual comprehension and interpretation, even varying degrees of socialization, but lack of spiritual brotherhood is both inexcusable and reprehensible. They worshiped the letter of the law and indulged a form of self-righteousness based upon the false pride of descent. Skepticism asserted that knowledge was fallacious, and that conviction and assurance were impossible. This pseudo science of Babylon developed into a religion throughout the Greco-Roman Empire. Half the population of the Roman state were slaves; many were superior individuals and quickly made their way up among the free proletariat and even among the tradesmen. The transcendency of the spiritual over the material in human personality. Its followers sought to attune their minds to the harmony of the Universal Mind, but they failed to envisage themselves as the children of a loving Father. Although Mark was a lad lingering about many of the scenes which he depicts, his record is in reality the Gospel according to Simon Peter. The savage had two names; the important one was regarded as too sacred to use on ordinary occasions, hence the second or everyday name — a nickname. From the vast store of information made available to me, I have chosen that which is best suited to the accomplishment of this purpose. Human life received a new endowment of moral value and divine dignity. Magic was the technique of manipulating the conjectured spirit environment whose machinations endlessly explained the inexplicable; it was the art of obtaining voluntary spirit co-operation and of coercing involuntary spirit aid through the use of fetishes or other and more powerful spirits. As far as possible I have derived my information from purely human sources. They were not class conscious, neither did they look upon these class distinctions as being unjust or wrong. In carrying out my commission to restate the teachings and retell the doings of Jesus of Nazareth, I have drawn freely upon all sources of record and planetary information. Writing, printing, and pictures were long so regarded. In the various discourses he taught that two things are essential to faith-entrance into the kingdom: But he did not succeed. He rebuilt many of the cities of Galilee, including the important trade center of Sepphoris. The accused individual usually confessed guilt, even when facing death. The supermortal brotherhood of invisible spiritual beings which prevails on earth and in heaven, the superhuman kingdom of God. He taught that the truth-loving soul, the one who hungers and thirsts for righteousness, for God, is admitted by faith to the spiritual kingdom; at the same time the apostles taught that such a believer is admitted to the social organization of disciples by the outward rite of baptism. The pre-eminence of the individual. Such an attitude of racial superiority made it all the harder for them to endure Roman suzerainty when it finally fell upon their land.

Urantia church

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  1. And more than half of this caravan traffic passed through or near the little town of Nazareth in Galilee. The Jews viewed history as the providence of God — Yahweh at work.

  2. And thus it becomes apparent that membership in the church does not necessarily mean fellowship in the kingdom; one is spiritual, the other mainly social. Christianity pointed to a new life and proclaimed a new ideal.

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