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Patrick stump dating anyone

Although really, who cares--Pete's probably going to be too mad to speak to him after this, anyway. Patrick arches and clutches at Pete's shoulder, fuck, he probably looks ridiculous and he can't even care. This is essentially the same news, only on behalf of ordinary citizens, not the corrupt media. In until Pete wraps his legs around around Patrick's hips and pulls, and if Patrick ever had any semblance of control doubtful , he loses it then. Haley Bays Just as the title says Rated:

Patrick stump dating anyone

By the time they actually get back to the hotel he's so hard it's somewhat painful, and he waits until everyone else has clambered out to awkwardly step out of the van himself. I'm not dating you. You're so reserved all the time, right? I like you better that way, actually. Patrick stumbles a couple feet into his room before sinking to his knees. Patrick doesn't think it's possible for him to exist on this planet and not want Pete. Sometimes you can even wonder how people manage to talk so much about rare things. They appear to be flanking him and herding him back to the van, which Patrick is okay with, because he can't see all that well. Even if Patrick wants this so much he thinks his bones might shatter if he doesn't get it. Mixing it with a sedative could have an adverse effect. You really are scared, aren't you? Patrick opens his mouth to say yes, he can wait, but what comes out is, "I need this now" and he sounds like the worst kind of asshole. Now with the added bonus of painful guilt and awkwardness any time he so much looks at Pete. And this is pretty much the best friendshipI've had in my whole fucking life, and--" "--and you're just pussying out on anything else because of that? Oh, god, he feels like a twelve-year-old boy who has to carry around extra large textbooks to hold over his crotch whenever hormones strike. Which, the answer to that is definitely 'no,' but saying that won't help anything. He really just wants to get back to the hotel room, dry off and go to sleep. Pete sighs against him, body relaxing. I'm not like this. I've seen way more of you than you ever wanted me to see, god, you must have felt so fucking helpless. It almost makes him cry, how grateful he is not to have morning wood. Kiss and make up before we have to perform, I guess. He lasts until the next red light, and then--his lips are against Pete's jaw, sliding down when Pete jumps in surprise, and Patrick finds himself climbing into Pete's lap, even though "I'm sorry, Pete, oh god I'm sorry--" "Hey, it's--" Pete's words get muffled by Patrick's mouth, and it feels like the hardest thing Patrick's ever done to wrench himself away from Pete's mouth and press his face against Pete's shoulder. Not in a bad way, just-- Pete's arm slides over his shoulder to hug his back, protectively. Pete's hips are bucking into Patrick's mouth and Patrick is touching him all over without realizing it--he just, his fingers want to be everywhere, on Pete's Bartskull tattoo and on the jut of his hip and his bellybutton and his ass. Fiction M - English - Romance - Words: He sucks hard and he can barely hear the sputtering noises Pete is making; all his senses are focused on this, the taste of Pete on his tongue, stretching his lips.

Patrick stump dating anyone

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  1. Of course, Pete being Pete, that's like asking Texas weather not to be disgusting, but miraculously he doesn't even glance at Patrick's crotch. Pete sighs against him, body relaxing.

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