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Our lady of zeitoun explanation

This section on Polarisation was added with permission of a senior wikipedia archivist who? In summary, the place to argue any failings in Persinger's research is in the article on Persinger. I'm not sure that you know what it means. I haven't, as yet, but I didn't look very hard either. Mary's Coptic Orthodox Church in Zeitoun. The citation for Persinger's 'claims' note the evocative language "being widely dismissed" is not to a scholarly work but to a book written by a barrister! Even if it did, the article on the Zeitoun apparition is not the place to discuss it. I've entered the citations needed from pages 27 and 25 respectively. No argument, no discussion.

Our lady of zeitoun explanation

This is a joke, right? If so, then you should take up this issue with the authors of that article. If you are a sociologist yourself, want to review their paper and criticise it, you are most welcome. Stop trying to convince me here. You may not like them, but someone researching this topic may find these items extremely valuable. Investigations performed by the police could find no explanation for the phenomenon. I have developed this technique and am horrified that you have deleted the paragraph without my consent. You are not an expert. He seems to sell religious paintings and refers to the wikipedia article on his web page here: How can you independently replicate tectonic strain? It was more than enough to balance the ledger in this section of the article and that was the only aim. However, once the image was captured on the negative any polarisation information the light may have contained is forever lost. Egypt lost the Sinai Peninsula to Israel. You might think that article "balanced", but it is also quarter of a century out of date. You mean pointing out that you are almost in breach of WP's policies? The image of the photograph is placed at an angle where less light hits it where does polarisation come into it? It "doesn't matter" if a theory is debunked? The journalist was on the scene and faithfully recorded what he encountered, ie. In the photos you can see no hand at all. Sociologists Robert Bartholomew and Erich Goode offer the Zeitoun apparitions as a prominent case of mass delusion. I'm sure that you think you have valid reasons, but the idea is to discuss those reasons before taking any irrevocable action. At the moment, I am waiting patiently for that to happen. It is refilmed and then placed in a programme which zooms into the new image and refilmed again. I would include a link to Persinger's page in the See Also section, however. The Pope of Alexandria Kyrillos VI appointed a committee of high-ranking priests and bishops to investigate the matter, headed by Bishop Gregorios, bishop of postgraduate studies, Coptic culture and scientific research.

Our lady of zeitoun explanation

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  1. Any technique you are using now is only pertains to the light reflected off the photograph.

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