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Occupy wall street dating

According to the research data, Twitter was used for carrying out the following functions: Thereby, in the course of investigation were determined certain patterns, presented in the following Table 3. Messages tweets of a user are available for his close environment that is a group of users subscribed on him. Thus, Research according to Baranov A. To explicit statements are generally referred those the content of which can be easily defined from the form of the utterance without any additional conversion of the meaning, which can base both on the word meaning and context of the statement. Natural education is characterized as united, integrated and encouraged by the interest of an individual [Jenkins ].

Occupy wall street dating

In most cases the followers of the movement occupy wall Street created and exchanged media elements through these platforms including analog forms of communications and channels in the process, called transmedia mobilization [constanza-chock The main topics of messages First of all, the messages in Twitter had informative nature. Moreover, there were added such criteria as the use of idioms in an utterance, irony, imperative constructions, aimed at encouraging people to take actions and expression of critics of the protest movement. It's a peaceful demonstration", etc. And finally, the critics of the protest movement according to the research data was expressed both explicitly and implicitly in an equal extent. It is generally accepted that not all of the cases of ellipsis are comparable with explicit methods of information presentation. We already have plenty. Quite often the messages contain external links on materials outside the social network. As a consequence, participants became more cohesive both in views and actions, as well as in forms of expression the common protest. Distribution of words occurs according to their meaning structures with a glance to the defined criteria. Theoretical basis of the research At present time from the point of view of linguistics the information is usually studied from different angles. Also it is important to note, that the majority of Twitter messages contained the link to the outside source: Edinburgh Association Thesaurus [Electronic resource]. As it was mentioned above, the irony presupposes the negative context in a statement. In addition, Twitter appeared to be a good source of information not only for the participants of the protest, but also for policemen. Se ve, se siente: In the first part of the article there is an overview of the event, its description and specific features. There is no reason not to follow this. PHOTO is my view from sleeping bag: The aim of the campaign was to occupy Wall Street in the financial center of New York. After processing the data the frequency of occurrence of each criterion has the following look Table 2: The goal of the event was to attract the attention of public to the crime of financial elite and initiate structural changes in economy. The meaning of the statement in this case should be as clear as possible, otherwise the aim of the imperative statement is unlikely to be achieved. The high percentage of statements with implicit expression of opinion hints at the fact that a hidden view expression, demanding an additional analysis for comprehension, can represent a characteristic of a political discourse. That is why the use of praseologisms or idioms in implicit expressions seems to be very justified.

Occupy wall street dating

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  1. All the plans of the activists were exposed to a detailed analysis of the authorities and further certain actions were taken by the police. Messages tweets of a user are available for his close environment that is a group of users subscribed on him.

  2. It is necessary to point out that the number of messages for the defined period increased considerably by the end of September, which is connected with the force influence from the side of the government of the USA. In most cases users expressed their opinion explicitly, that is characterized by the tendency to share their opinion with other users of the microblog and carry the meaning as clearly as possible within the scope of technical restrictions of the social net the length of the message cannot exceed characters.

  3. With regard to the fact mentioned above it is proper to note the change of the forms of media consumption, for the use of the content created by users as a source of information is equal to watching news.

  4. On the other hand, high percentage of implicit statements among the messages of activists and people who took part in discussion of the protest indicates the tendency to express their point of view on political events in a concealed way especially if the opinion is critical. Edinburgh Association Thesaurus [Electronic resource].

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