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Narrowed rear end for s10

When it is cool enough go back and fill in another weld between each of the first four welds. The Ford 9" has an offset pinion. With the rod installed, the correct size jig flange is installed in the bearing race and the housing flange can be slid on the rod and secured. In the picture below the rear has been mocked up in the chassis so the exact locations and angles of the ladderbar and shackle mounts can be marked. First, what width will the rearend be once narrowed and second, how to accomplish this without warping the axle tubes when you weld them. Wouldn't that cause some problems with the driveshaft and carrier having them on a weird angle?? You can take out however many inches you need to fit whatever you need.

Narrowed rear end for s10

Now, a word about cutting. In this particular application, we are using wheels that have a full 4" backspacing, which is a bit more than what most people would use. If you are just narrowing the rearend, and not adding a whole bunch of brackets for a 4 bar suspension or ladder bars then the welding is not quite as critical. If you want to make it prety you can grind the weld smooth and no one will ever know you narrowed your own rearend. In our application, we are going to center the pinion in order to limit the angles we have to deal with when completing the driveline setup later. It probably would require an alignment for sure but thats no big deal. The jig has several flanges of different sizes that fit the different Ford 9" rearends and it's just a matter of using the correct size for your application. Think about it- the rear end is lower than the output shaft on the transmission, so the U-joints are working at an angle at all times. The metal rod assures correct alignement no matter how much welding was done on the housing. If we cut the same amount off each side of the housing, then the pinion will still be offset the stock amount. When you can put your hand on it for a couple seconds you can continue. In order to center the pinion on a 9" it needs to be moved to the driver's side roughly 2". You can see this in the picture above. Again STOP and wait for it to cool a bit. Next the metal rod will be installed and the "chunk" will hold it in correct alignment. The spring perches and shock mounts were removed and the entire rear was ground clean of rust before we began measuring and marking the housing for narrowing. It gives nice square clean cuts every time. Just use this drawing and fill in the measurements. You can cut a rear with a reciprocating saw, cutoff wheel, or any of a number of different tools, but keep this in mind: Once that's done, it can be re-installed in the chassis and you're on to another part of the project. As the truck rides over dips and humps, the rear end cycles up and down, so the angles that the U-joints are working at are constantly changing. Below is the chunk installed in the housing. This can be easily accomplished by removing an additional 2" from that side of the housing. You're gonna have to do the measuring yourself, and decide on what you want. Simple alignment can be obtained by temporarily tacking four alignment bars to the axle tubes in order to hold the housing end in alignment when it is welded back on. Magnets are holding the flanges on so we can confirm our overall flange to flange measurement is correct. This is the old "shadetree" method, which has been used successfully by thousands of self-taught mechanics for years.

Narrowed rear end for s10

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  1. However, since we will be narrowing only this one, once the job is done the jig will be put back in the packaging and will go back up on eBay. Using a bracket that only welds to the front or rear can often cause warpage since all the heat is applied to one side of the tube.

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