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Dating an m1 garand barrel

The Germans are consistently considered masters of firearms design, and the WA falls into that paradigm but there's very little data regarding the actual performance of the WA, and even less so in the field. As a general rule, if the rifle has a rebuild date etched into the receiver leg, then reverting the rifle to its original configuration will lower its value. Stop putting out some bullshit like you read it out of a manual. If you want to buy a Garand the best place to go is the Civilian Marksmanship Program. This video is part of a series of M1 Garand tests we're going to do, so please subscribe and watch for the rest! It went to the armorer; I went to the butts to pull and mark targets for the next three days. Where do I Begin? They are not flimsy and don't break easy. And, for cripe's sake, who buys a rifle without checking the rifling in the bore?

Dating an m1 garand barrel

Author — just found out mine is in the 1 million range. It's actually pretty damn hard to get M1 thumb unless your ether 1 fiddling with it when cleaning and you depress the follower while bumping the charging handle or 2 the bolt hasn't been fully locked back. Author — Admiral Ackbar Some help to you maybe. I end the video with the famous Garand " ping ". InRange is entirely viewer supported, please consider it: These videos are free to watch and if anyone attempts to charge for this video notify us immediately. The bolt can't slam home when your thumb is holding the first bullet down in the clip. Author — Dean Borchert 1 The serial number range information you gave was wrong. There is no problem with either unit. We are going through the darkest days of being a video creator I have ever seen since I began posting videos around 12 years ago. In addition to the repair and restoration, the rifle was also custom-laser-engraved as a tribute to the owner's Grandfather who was seriously wounded on Iwo Jima. Clip at very front of barrel is called a stacking swivel which is self explanatory. Thank you Patreon supporters. So if you call me an idiot and you won't be the first one, but you should learn something from my mistake. Take a joke, will ya? Perhaps the most effective was the field spade, which was often sharpened around its while perimeter and could be used as a very utilitarian hand weapon in a variety of situations. You can find the best rifles at the best price from the CMP. The original 3 prong flash hiders were prone to damage, collection of debris, and abuse by the soldiers so the A1 birdcage replaced them gradually over time, starting as early as His barrel is practically shot out to begin with.. That doesn't affect the rifle's performance. I would like to have an M1 just for range fun. Here's their web address where you can read about the various Garand grades they offer: We including YouTube will not be held liable for any injury to yourself or damage to your firearms resulting from attempting anything shown in any our videos. Best rifle ever made if taken care of. It's functionally identical in every way to the rifle in the photo used for the thumbnail of this video besides not being select fire.

Dating an m1 garand barrel

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  1. If you care to read more: Gregg and I hoped to film three videos this day but for various reasons, the results were terrible.

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