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Chrysler concorde problems

The fans on the radiator work. So give it try and see how high it will go if you don't turn off the AC, and then also corroborate that it is really unable to operate using the AC without boiling over. The best product is called "Bar's leak cooling system sealer". I think but I could be wrong We thought and thought, and we liked the Sebring, but Concord better and not have left people still take. As long as I turn off the car while the temp is low I don't loose any coolant. I just want to know what it could be before I go to shop and they give me the run around.

Chrysler concorde problems

I also thought you should know Mar 11, Please 'rate' my answer see below. I just can't seem to get a handle on it. I also checked both solenoids by applying voltage across the actuator points and checking resistance across the contact points. Powered by Google Translate Engine 2. Please rate either of these answers, thanks. Also, I have had temp gauges that read inaccurately high as another explanation. This problem has me stumped. There's no coolant leaking on the ground or anywhere. My temp gauge stays in the middle, so I don't understand why its overheating. I have a chrysler concorde with a 3. Auto-Translation Original RU Owner's review Once the grief in half with my wife and I got rid of the Kia Spectra, it was decided to look for a leisurely car because there's nowhere to hurry was, and will rush back to some kind of crap would get. Answer Hi Erica, The cloudy oil is diagnostic of there being a leak of coolant between the cooling system and the oil distribution system inside the engine, typically at the gasket that is between the engine block and one of the two cylinder heads. Also, are you aware of the need to bleed off air from the system when you have refilled it? When I place coolant in it while the car is running it disappears quickly but there is no smoke coming anymore. And I decided to see what is on the market. When I checked the fluid level the next morning after the car had cooled there was no water in the resevoir. The fans on the radiator work. The engine is loud once I begin pouring the coolant in but once it starts disappearing the engine is quiet. Also is there two sensors.. I do know however that both the high and low speed fans work. It doesn't matter if I am on the hwy or city driving the overheating problem remains constant. Great car, but I podprivyk quickly, and his wife as yet ofigivaet in Concord invest too much of course do not want problems in the cabin, a couple of little things have to finish. On the fan operating behavior, I believe that the driver side fan only comes on at temps above F and that the passenger side fan should come on when the temp goes above F. The radiator would be my first thought.

Chrysler concorde problems

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  1. Americans, I had never considered, because rumored they hungry and expensive to maintain. My temp gauge stays in the middle, so I don't understand why its overheating.

  2. Have you flushed the radiatior lately? We considered Sebring Stratus as Dodge and Chrysler long.

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