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Brown bag speed dating

We had companies donating truckloads of their produce. Was anyone you cared about hurt? But in the days that followed we saw our community at its best. Volunteers are working still. She was wearing a knee-length black skirt, scuffed court shoes and a white blouse with ruffles down the front. The lines around her clear green eyes were stretched tight, making her seem a lot older than twenty-nine years. Her curls bounced on her shoulders. Not that he had anything against do-gooders, he reminded himself hastily. She wore no make up and no jewellery.

Brown bag speed dating

She rose and took his hand in a grip so firm it surprised him. Her curls bounced on her shoulders. She had curves in all the right places, the badly fitting skirt unable to conceal her tiny waist, the lovely lines of her legs and the unconscious wiggle of her hips as she stalked to the door. Had Tori made an effort? Nor was any other sort of dating, he acknowledged. She wore no make up and no jewellery. Six months ago wildfire had ripped this little community apart, decimating the entire district. Should he say something like, Was your house burned? Jake glanced down at his fact sheet, hoping for help. We had people who looked as if they had no money at all coming in with animal bedding, food-anything they could think of. Excellent way to start things rolling. As she tugged the door open and walked out into the night, as the door slammed closed behind her, he realised everyone else in the hall was looking as well, as astonished as he was. But he was here. We had vets arriving with veterinary equipment. I got dragged into this at the last minute. And we can still look forward to love. She looked the sort of woman who called a spade a spade. People brought in birdseed and cuttlefish, and others staggered in under huge bags of dog food. It was just that she looked…the type. Was she thinking about escaping? From the ashes springs new life. Volunteers are working still. Marion Lennox This book is dedicated to all the wonderful volunteers who worked tirelessly to save injured wildlife after the Australian Black Saturday bushfires. The manager of Dr. She looked like a do-gooder. Not that he had anything against do-gooders, he reminded himself hastily.

Brown bag speed dating

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