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Author — Id wish mason would not have ended up single Jesus Christ my head hurts Author — hannah f Mason deserve to be alone. Sam had an amazing life Author — tracks wod I really felt bad for Mason in the end. He can make her happy, not Mason. Mason loves Sam, but James loves her more. The end of the movie broke my heart esp because I think the child is Mason's based on the scene where he told Sam he couldn't handle the truth. Author — Learner Jr Just moments before Mason proposed he told Olivia that he would leave his girlfriend for her.

About fling com

Author — noobcake It was sad but the ending was really good! I used to be cool with open relationships until I became a "realist" and in reality I didn't like sharing my man. Author — That guy with the long black hair is so sexy and fine!!!! Author — Abby K Damn I don't even know what to think after watching this. He was a womanizer. Author — Samantha Thompson Wow.. When you like a flower you pluck it.. Hooking up with Olivia I think was Mason's way of handling the reality that Sam was falling for James. And then proposed to Sam? But never take things for granted just because it's still around, coz by the time it's gone I'm pleased with the ending but yet still saddened by Mason's inability to find his own love. It's so insane to think that people lives can really be like that Author — Cool story line well I've a boyfriend but i'm single Author — Finland Jaruttjinda I read the comments before watching the movie! They need to grow up. Author — tracks wod I really felt bad for Mason in the end. I could see so much of my life in it. Author — lluminAscent I think the director purposely made the child look like both men. I think the director chose to have the child look that way so that each individual could decide for themselves who they wanted the father to be. I think that they were better together. But I can't really blame Sam for hooligans up with James because mason was the one who started it wen e first hooked up with Veronica or something like that. The ending was kinda sad because I shipped mason and Sam. Author — Learner Jr Just moments before Mason proposed he told Olivia that he would leave his girlfriend for her. Author — Starlight shines Lesson learned the hard way. Then he tells James about what he thinks about women, how there are many types, has different personality, different taste, ect. Sam had an amazing life A guy who'd always want to just play around and never get married, end up watching the people around him moving on and prospering with their lives. Well at least he's changed his outlooks in life. Someone has nicely written, there is a big difference between liking someone and loving.

About fling com

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  1. First, he tells Olivia that he was going to leave Sam for her cause he loves her. They both used and hurt each other in more ways than one but it was clear that Mason was willing to fix things.

  2. Author — Khawla Khan Wow, this movie.. Author — Brandon Trieu at first I liked Olivia, then at the end of the movie I began to realize how much of an immature teenager she really is.

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